• Jennifer Leigh

The Best Medicine

If I could recommend one single remedy to every one of my clients, it would be exercise. The benefits of exercise are so universal and so holistic, nearly every aspect of one’s life improves with the inclusion of a regular exercise regimen. Not only is it beneficial for all the body’s many systems, but exercise is marvelously good for our brains and mood. Exercise initiates a fascinating chemical reaction that produces endorphins into our body. Anyone suffering from chronic pain will experience relief, just a 30 minute walk a day is shown to decrease back pain and to stimulate our immune systems, and those who don’t suffer from chronic pain will simply enjoy the mood boost associated with the pain-relieving endorphins the body naturally creates. The increase in circulation to all our tissues slows the aging process as well. Exercise is associated with reduced anxiety, reduced depression, better stress tolerance, higher sleep quality, and increases the likelihood that a person will make better food choices throughout their day. Exercise, despite the time and effort required to make it a priority, is also associated with higher productivity throughout the day. There are so many forms of exercise, from dancing, jogging, martial arts, yoga, walking, rock climbing, Zumba, hockey, biking, kayaking, and so much more, nearly everyone can find an indoor or outdoor activity they enjoy on their own or with others (including their furry friends) to enhance well-being in nearly every way!

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