Out-Of-Office Visits

A Wider Context for Therapy

We are on the telemedicine registry of Alaska and offer video or phone sessions for remote clients or times when meeting in person is not possible.  Jen also offers walking sessions or outdoor park sessions as well to help motivate clients to be active and enjoy the beautiful weather the day might be offering. The pandemic motivated us to modify the practice between remote, in-person, and outdoor sessions (including the option to meet in our vehicles), flexibility that turned out to be beneficial for both clients and therapists. Please get in touch to see what our current offerings are.


Mental health during these challenging times is second only to our physical health in importance. In the last two years we have tolerated great stress in the form of isolation, parenting stress, financial uncertainty, social anxiety, and depression. Our typical coping strategies were not available to us; the was gym was closed, AA and NA meetings were technology-based, and we could not reach out to our friends and family in the familiar ways that sustain us. All of us have tendencies to be less skillful during times of stress, which can lead to relationship issues, relapses, and further depression and anxiety.

Now is most certainly the time to seek mental health support!

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